My name is Hannah Myers. Born September 9, 1993.
Currently a Senior at Liberty University. Studying Business Administration: Communication with a minor in Global Studies.

Over the years, God has done a work within my heart that I cannot explain. He has transformed me into a new creation. Though I grew up in a Christian home my entire life, I never knew that this level of joy and peace could exist from simply knowing our Creator. No, my life isn’t perfect. But I am extremely blessed. I try to count my blessings as often as possible. When the storms in my life come, I turn to my heavenly Father for strength. He’s the one who keeps me looking forward to another day and the only one who I know will never let me down. I promise He can and will do great things in your life if you just let Him take over. It is so worth it and can’t compare to anything else in this short life of ours. I pray that no matter what you believe, that you will experience the love that Christ has for your life. I also pray that you will find my blog extremely helpful in your pursuit for our Creator. May God bless your life!

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