Philippines Medical Missions Trip


Hello family & friends!

Hope all is well and that the Lord has done incredible things in your lives this year! 2015 has certainly been an exciting time for Jesse and I both. We graduated together with our Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University and also got to go on the trip of a lifetime to Alaska for a dear friend’s wedding! Now, we are anxiously awaiting for January 7th to leave for a medical missions trip to the Philippines!

The Lord has opened up an incredible opportunity for us to serve and Jesse and I couldn’t be more excited to take part in it! Our medical missions team has been officially invited by the provincial governor to perform dental surgeries to the village of the Ifugao people in Manila, focused mainly on fixing cleft palates. These people live high in the mountains and have scarce access to medical care. Dr. Zapanta, the doctor we are traveling with, is a family friend who has been going to the same place for over 10 years now to provide medical relief to these people in the name of Christ. The team will comprise of physicians, surgeons, and dentists in order to bring medical care to those in need. And though I obviously have no medical experience, I have been invited to help test people’s hearing instead! Whereas Jesse will actually be able to perform dental extractions as he practices his intended future career in dentistry! It has been Jesse’s vision to become a missionary dentist since he started college and he would like to one day accomplish what Dr. Zapanta and his colleagues are doing with this ministry. Through much prayer, Jesse does feel that dentistry is his calling in life and is extremely excited for this opportunity to put his passions into practice before attending dental school.

Also, while we are there, we will be visiting our mom’s side of the family that we haven’t seen in years. We will be paying for this portion of the trip with our own funds though. But please keep us in your prayers for this visit as well because last time I went in 2012, I was able to
share the Gospel in front of hundreds of people there!

All that being said, the total cost of the trip for us both is around $2800 .  As of now we are down to the last $600 needing to be raised. So, if you would like to help us out by donating, even a small amount would be immensely appreciated and will be a huge blessing for us and the Ifugao people! Either way, we would appreciate your prayers!

You can donate through my Cash App ($hmyers10) or by using GoFundMe:

Thank you so much!

Much love,
Hannah & Jesse Myers


One thought on “Philippines Medical Missions Trip

  1. Hannah & Jesse—Congratulations on graduating from college. Liberty University must be a great place as probably nearly everyone there are Christians with plans and goals elevated above the worldly conventional.

    I liked your post Struggling with Doubt, and you are an excellent writer. The purely scriptural thing about career and life guidance are what I like to call God-composed, biblical narrative stories of faith life-scripts. As Abraham walks from the city of Haran to Canaan the Promised Land, with each step God is displacing the horizontally conventional plans Abraham had, with God’s higher plans beyond anything Abraham could have imagined or contrived.

    This is the theme that repeats itself throughout the Bible. It is a theme unique to the Bible, and as a part of the cross of Christ is beyond human literary invention. It tells Christians today that God has premeditated and pre-scripted plans for our lives that will surprise and amaze us…perfectly tailored individually to each Spirit-born believer. So view your lives as an opportunity to hear God’s voice and enter into a journey of faith that is scripturally consistent with every person of faith in the Bible from Genesis through Acts.

    About Bill Maher…his comments contain a lot of truth. But when an agnostic or atheist criticizes Christians they are doing so based upon moral standards that are meaningless in an absolute atheist reality. The atheist philosophy based on no God leaves only the material particles of naturalism, which has no fixed moral standard by definition. But we all do well to humbly listen to criticism.

    God bless you both…Bart Jahn

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