The Anatomy of a Godly Girlfriend (Part 2)

Though I don’t have a boyfriend, this blog was super helpful. I highly recommend reading it.. especially if you’re in a more serious dating relationship! 🙂

From Ashes to Beauty


Isn’t my man such a stud? ^^^ I am one lucky girl.

In an attempt to save time, I’m going to jump right into things. To quickly recap the first half of this post, I mentioned four ways to be a better girlfriend according to God’s word. These tips included: Be Christ Centered, Be Confident, Be Supportive, and Be Encouraging. If you’re interested, please check it out below (: Again, I am NO love expert. Shoot, I’m not even engaged, let alone married for 5 years with some incredible wifely wisdom that’s gonna knock your socks off (fuzzy socks, if you’re anything like me). Regardless, I think the Lord has a lot to say through me. Here we go!


*Cue Ne-Yo’s hit anthem that was all the rage my 8th grade year* What’s sexier than an independent woman, right? In this phase of dating, being independent is…

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MEN, MAN UP! On Lust, Pornography and Sex

This is a blog from one of my good friends, Gabriel Kreider! I’m so proud of him! This was his first post and it’s AMAZING! He speaks on such a relevant topic in our society. Everyone check it out! 🙂

gabrielkreider's Blog

In writing this I want to first make it clear that I write knowing full well that I am not innocent of these impure things I am speaking on. Also, I would never judge anyone for any of this either.  I believe that it is truly amazing how we can find new life in Jesus Christ, even when we are so unworthy. We are ALL guilty of sin, but we have a chance to refocus our selves on the one who created us. Proverbs 16:3, Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. I my self once laid in a grave that was beginning to fill up with dirt consuming me in darkness. I looked to God, and He rescued me. Even though my flesh is stained from the dirt I once laid in, I now enjoy the warmth of the light God.


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