A Message To All Christians || Liberty Students Speak Out

This is a collaboration of quotes and verses taken from several different Christians including Francis Chan and Jarrid Wilson.

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We are a group of students from Liberty University dedicated to living our lives out in faith for our savior Jesus Christ. We want to encourage Christians to stand up for their faith and what they believe in, but to never force our moralities on others who choose not to agree. God gives us all free will in life. It is not our responsibility to cram Christianity down anyone’s throat.

Our message is to all those who claim Jesus to be their savior. We want to encourage all believers to LOVE one another and spread His love throughout the world. If another brother or sister is sinning, lovingly show them God’s word and help them overcome their struggles. We are NOT called to condemn them for their sin and go around gossiping about them. Do not forget that ALL sin separates us from God in the end if we do not allow Jesus to take the punishment for those sins.. we too will not inherit the kingdom of God. Too many times we find ourselves falling into the sin of pride.. thinking that we are better than others.

And if someone is not already a believer, we must NEVER expect them to act like they are Christians or to have the same opinions as us. WHILE we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). We are ALL in need of a Savior.

And if you’re not a Christian, we all pray and hope that you will realize that Christ loves you! That no matter what you have done, or will do, God has provided a way for you to overcome your sin! (John 3:16) All of us in this video have experienced how Jesus can change people’s lives.. our hope and prayer is that you too will experience the freedom and joy that only comes from knowing Christ Jesus!